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Buy, sell, or trade used network equipment. Used, pre-owned, and refurbished network hardware is sold at 50-90% off
list price! Take advantage of our FREE one-year warranty (for end users only).

Buy Used Enterasys Equipment

Enterasys Networks, Siemens Enterprise Communications, and SER Solutions, Inc. merged to form a market-leading provider of enterprise communications solutions. The new company began operations on October 1, 2008 as a multi-billion dollar provider of hardware, software, and services to deliver communication systems and networks that enable service-oriented voice, video, and data applications in a mobile and secure manner. Read more about ENTERASYS NETWORKS.


GGI's Used Enterasys Networks can accommodate any pack and load situation across all of North America. Generally speaking, we use FedEx for shipping used network equipment and refurbished network equipment (which is available to most continents). We carefully pack all packages prior to shipping.

IT Asset Recovery

Decommissioning data centers and associated network equipment requires significant project management overhead. Whether it's proper termination of circuits, secure sanitization of retired storage, GGI's Used Enterasys Networks remarkets and recycles network equipment and provides a one-stop disposition solution. When the acquired network equipment reaches our warehouse, the recoverable network gear is resold or scrapped/recycled. To learn more, go here: IT ASSET RECOVERY.

Quality Control

As soon as we get your payment, we ship out the merchandise immediately. Our Quality Control Department checks each order (prior to shipping) to make sure the equipment has been fully tested and packaged appropriately. For the most part, FedEx delivers the goods. If you need to use a different company for shipping, tell us, and we will make the adjustment.

All products are shipped ground freight, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Please note that customers outside of the United States are limited to wire transfer payments only.

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Our friendly sales representatives are available to help you purchase any used network equipment Monday through Friday, 7:30 - 4:30 Pacific Time (excluding major holidays).

One-Year Warranty

With any purchase or trade, you will receive a FREE ONE YEAR WARRANTY (for end users only). GGI's Used Enterasys Networks wants you to have a great experience with us and our pre-owned, refurbished, and used network gear!



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